The Myths of Child Custody Lawyers

There are a lot of reasons why anyone who is party to a court proceeding needs legal representation. One of those reasons is that there are a lot of myths that pervade court-related events and processes, particularly divorce and specifically, child custody. If you are debating if you need a family law firm in Villa Rica, here are some common myths regarding custody that should convince you legal representation is your best bet.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Handles Legal Matters

Anyone who is accused of a crime is guaranteed legal representation under the law. If you were accused of a crime, you’ll be looking for the best criminal defense attorney in Bremen, GA, to represent you. But how does the attorney handle legal matters for you? In short, they collect information, negotiate on your behalf, protect your rights, and provide guidance.

Practice Guidelines for Divorce Lawyers

Many people assume that handling divorces is an easy job. After all, it’s just about filling out paperwork and splitting up assets. Of course, reality is a little different. Divorces can be rather messy, and a family divorce lawyer in Villa Rica must know a lot more than how to do simple math. That’s because it’s not just about splitting up a couple. Divorce is about helping each of the partners have a fresh start as well as ensuring that the kids still have access to both of their parents. Here are some important guidelines all divorce attorneys should follow.

How to Help Your Lawyer Win Your Case

In any legal dispute, there’s an immense amount of work to be done. However, it’s wrong to assume that all of the work will fall into your lawyer’s hands. Rather, you can foster a powerful  attorney-client relationship that, when managed successfully, can prove a strong foundation to your case. In order to be the best client for your defense lawyer, here are some tips and tricks to actively help your attorney and really work to strengthen your case

Start from the Beginning

The first thing to do for your lawyer is state your story in a clear, concise, and true manner straight from the beginning. This way, not only does your lawyer have all of the correct information to work with, he or she also can more easily turn your case into a defense. The easiest way to do this is to compose a narrative of what happened from the beginning. In doing so, it’s more than just easy for you to write it all down; it will also be easy to understand from an outside perspective.

Any information you give should be accompanied with any physical evidence that could aid the legal defense. Just in the way that your story is organized, you should also keep any emails and other textual evidence properly presentable, so that your lawyer can efficiently process all of the information. This is especially important in current times like these, as digital evidence is more and more prevalent.

Just Be Honest

The most important tip in all of this is to maintain the truth as a priority. No matter what you include or do not include, the case will always be based on the story you provide, so any misinformation you supply could completely destroy the case’s foundation from within. Moreover, lying to your lawyer does little to build a good relationship with him or her.

Keep Your Lawyer Updated

Keep in mind, as well, that just because you may have covered all of the necessary information up to this point, this story of yours is far from over. Remember to continue to maintain your story and keep it updated to any and every current development. Up until the final court date, it’s still possible that bits of information and other evidence may present themselves.

When finding the best criminal defense lawyer in Bremen, GA, it’s important to use the above tips to better prepare your information for legal defense. By doing so, you can build a strong relationship with your lawyer and work together to win your case.

Types of Parenting Arrangements

Divorce is a common, yet tricky legal conflict in the United States. With the assessment and division of assets, also comes one of the most difficult conflicts: custody. Often, it’s custody that becomes one of the most emotional parts of a divorce, but in terms of its complexity, it doesn’t need to be that hard. If you’re looking for the best divorce lawyers in Villa Rica, GA, you should first understand the differing types of parenting arrangements there are in the state of Georgia.

The Court Procedure for a DUI Offense

Not sure what to expect with a DUI? Because courts process a high number of DUI cases, they typically have a dedicated section of the court system with its own court procedures for DUIs. This helps deal with the cases quickly. Learn about the court procedure for a DUI, and remember to consult a criminal defense attorney in Carrollton, GA, for more case-specific advice.

What Is Alimony and How Is It Determined?

After a divorce, one spouse may be required to pay alimony to the other. Alimony is a court-ordered payment that either occurs once or in a series of payments. A family law judge determines the amount, taking various factors into consideration. To get a better sense of the laws and alimony decisions in your area, contact divorce lawyers in Villa Rica, who are experts in this field.

What Are the Rights of Grandparents?

what kind of lawyer do you need?

So, you’re a grandparent who sincerely cares about your grandchild. The good news is, you have some options when it comes to visitation or custodial rights. The difficult news is, it really depends on the state in which you live. Nevertheless, you’re in luck. This infographic is a great start on your journey to determining what exactly your rights are as a concerned grandparent.

When to Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

Not every legal situation requires the help of an attorney. Simple traffic tickets or citations, for example, can typically be handled without the help of a lawyer. There are a few instances, though, when a criminal defense attorney in Carrollton, GA, should be called no matter what. While no one anticipates criminal charges, if you find yourself in the midst of any of these situations, it’s time to enlist the help of a professional.

The Role of a Lawyer in Juvenile Court Representation

Nothing is simple when it comes down to family law, especially in juvenile court proceedings. Many due process requirements have been extended to juvenile proceedings by the Supreme Court. This, in turn, puts more pressure on the lawyers themselves, and makes it more difficult for the public to understand the exact role that lawyers play in these situations. Many would argue that a lawyer’s job should be to defend their client to the best of their ability, but what about the interests of the child? These are the kinds of questions that Stephen M. Bonanno family lawyers in Bremen, GA, can answer.