Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Assistance

There are new child support laws in Georgia, and these laws may affect the current and future child support amounts you either pay out or receive. Don’t try to navigate the often-complex world of child support law; work with a child support lawyer in Carrollton,Villa Rica, Bremen, GA and other areas like the professionals at Stephen M. Bonanno.

Whether you are the one paying the child support or the one receiving it, we can give you the help you need. Mr. Bonanno has handled more child support cases than any other lawyer in Carrollton, so you can be confident that we will help you get a judgment that is fair and just.

Child Custody Assistance

Often as charged a topic as child support, child custody is a hot-button issue among parents. Nothing stirs emotions quite like the idea of having to share your child. Both parents have certain rights under the law, but there are many variables at work when it comes to determining custody arrangements.

Whether you are just beginning the divorce or separation process or you have been struggling back and forth in a custody battle for years, you deserve the help of a qualified child custody lawyer in Carrollton, GA. Let Stephen M. Bonanno handle your child custody case today; our team of law professionals will ensure that you have fair representation.